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OmniUpdate #5

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OmniUpdate #4

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OmniUpdate #3

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OmniMesh Announces Executive Advisory Board Members

OmniMesh is pleased to announce its executive advisory board, a body of experts who span the telecommunications, connectivity, manufacturing and cybersecurity industries who advise OmniMesh’s executives on technology, fundraising, business development, and market...

OmniUpdate #2

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OmniMesh team in NYC with Strategic Partners

OmniMesh’s co-founders and advisors are in New York City this week, meeting with the company’s strategic content and networking partners. The team are discussing rollout plans for pilot deployments in Northern New York and North Carolina, as well as strategic...

OmniMesh launches OmniUpdate

OmniMesh today launched OmniUpdate, a new news source about the latest happenings at OmniMesh. Geared toward investors, strategic partners, and industry experts, OmniUpdate is a regular e-mail publication designed to be read in three minutes or less. To sign up for...

OmniMesh presents at Smart Cities Webinar

On Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9 a.m. EST, OmniMesh will present its view on U.S. smart city infrastructure in a Webinar titled “Advanced Electronics and Smart Cities,” part of the Advanced Electronics Business Connection Forum Webinar Series. Hosted by Fuzehub, the Webinar...

OmniMesh meets with Common Council in Syracuse

OmniMesh today attended a meeting of the Syracuse Common Council’s Committee on Public Works, in anticipation of the city’s $38MM project to create the northeast United States’ largest Smart City deployment. More than 17,500 streetlights will be purchased by the City,...

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