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OmniMesh: Beyond the Edge.

OmniMesh’s patented technology enables service providers and content owners to efficiently deliver content to subscribers in a cost-effective, scalable, and secure manner. Omnimesh’s platform enables CLECs, cable companies, Telcos, mobile providers, production houses, content creators, and other entities to satisfy the growing demand for content —while substantially reducing the capital investment and operating costs associated with legacy infrastructure.

OmniMesh’s solution leverages military-grade encryption and blockchain technology to maintain strict security and privacy protocols. In addition, OmniMesh Agile Spectrum empowers customers to monetize access while accelerating content delivery through advanced cloud and wireless mesh technologies. This highly unique approach empowers OmniMesh customers to easily and affordably meet the rapidly escalating consumer demand for content without having to earmark capital for network infrastructure and data storage facilities.


OmniMesh accelerates content delivery by storing it on low cost, consumer owned devices at the true edge of the network, inside the home.

Consumer Ownership

Consumers own and maintain the edge devices in their homes, reducing costs for providers.


Military-grade encryption, distributed content, and blockchain increase the security and privacy of transactions at the edge.

Edge Services

The OmniMesh platform enables our clients to deliver and monetize all kinds of services at the edge.

Capital Efficiency

OmniMesh is the most capital efficient platform for online services. It radically reduces providers’ cost of customer acquisition, and lets them scale rapidly at low marginal cost.

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