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OmniMesh: Extend and Enhance 5G.

We all see the headlines: 5G is coming with big opportunities—and even bigger challenges and costs.

What if you could extend and enhance your 5G offering with extreme capital efficiency, lower operating costs, low latency, and extreme fault tolerance?

OmniMesh is the answer. OmniMesh pushes computing power from the data center, out past cell towers, all the way to the extreme edge. Our customers deploy their networks over an intelligent mesh fabric of peer-to-peer nodes. Our innovation is that network computing power and wireless spectrum allocation are no longer miles away in the cloud or in a tower; they are right at the extreme edge, forming a nanoscale data center. It is ubiquitous, inexpensive, decentralized, and right where it’s needed.

The benefits of our patented solution are ultra-low latency; cost-effective redundancy and security on an S3-compliant platform; reduced network congestion and OPEX; and seamless interoperability with any existing or future networks, whether they are wired or wireless.

Low Latency, High Fault Tolerance

OmniMesh’s proven, military-grade wireless technology helps providers scale-up and densify any network.

Reduced Capex and Opex

No need to roll backhoes, pay a premium for cloud services, or fight through spectrum allocation bottlenecks.


OmniMesh shifts spectrum allocation and edge computing to the extreme edge. Now you can instantly process and audit service-level transactions there, too.

Reduced Congestion, Ubiquitous Connectivity

Connect any user, anywhere, without millions of new towers. OMT network nodes run anywhere there’s 110V power

Intelligent Mesh Fabric

Storage and computing power are right where you need them, with localized visibility and management of all your wireless and wireline resources.

Neutral Host Platform

Unlock the potential for your network to serve any application, at any speed, at any QoS level. Open up new markets for new services over existing networks.

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