The platform for the distributed Internet economy.

 “The sharing economy will disrupt the market for internet service. Consumers will own the network, control their information, and monetize it at will. The potential of this paradigm shift can’t be overstated.” 

OmniMesh disrupts Internet traditional platform providers via a consumer owned distributed internet computing infrastructure. OmniMesh’s integrated distributed web shared capitalization structure, enhanced by blockchain, allows participating parties to be efficiently rewarded. Our spectrum sharing wireless mesh technology provides for rapid expansion of low cost last-mile capacity reducing common carriage costs and bottlenecks. Our consumer owned content distribution network provides for low cost secure data warehousing.

OmniMesh has integrated the technologies to make all connectivity and platform services a la carte and on demand. OmniMesh’s military derived, intelligent spectrum technology and proprietary data distribution network is creating a whole new market for consumers, a market that takes Internet connectivity beyond the edge.

This is the market disruption millions of consumers are ready for, and the opportunity is here. Omnimesh’s platform delivers gigabit to the device at a fraction of the cost of 5G and with far more utility to meet IoT demands. OmniMesh’s strategic partners are leveraging our platform to reach consumers.


OmniMesh disrupts the subscription model by connecting consumers directly to each other’s services.


encrypted distributed content and blockchain give consumers control over their security and privacy

Consumer Ownership

The bandwidth and content market is $2.5 trillion. OmniMesh consumers get their own piece of this market.

Edge Services

OmniMesh military grade routing stores and transacts at the edge.


Blockchain ledger disintermediates middlemen, giving consumers the freedom to do business as they please.


OmniMesh creates the most capital efficient platform for delivery of online services.

Reinventing the Internet

OmniMesh in a Minute

OmniMesh’s OmniCore wireless mesh technology

OmniMesh changing the way the world moves data

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