Our Team and Core Values

We have assembled a team of experts in wireless mesh networks, secure distributed content networks and Blockchain technologies 

Management Team

Bill Abrams, CEO

Bill founded OmniMesh in 2016 and as CEO led the development of the business plan and prototype technology that won over $400,000 in the New York State Genius competition. He is a serial technology entrepreneur with expertise in areas as varied as wireless network services, information security and software development. Prior to OmniMesh he founded or co-founded several successful businesses, including Infinize, a technology consulting company; Tecana, a software as a service company; and Network Security Associates, an IT security company he ran for 15 years before a successful spin off created  a new entity, Armory5.

Brian Cavanagh, COO

Brian has been with OmniMesh from the beginning. He has led the creation of the company’s business model and software development strategy. He developed the core of the go-to-market plan and plays an integral role in moving OmniMesh’s technology innovations from theory to practice. He is an experienced business development and technology strategist with 20+ years of experience as a consultant and employee of Fortune 500-sized companies, managing IT strategy, software development and complex systems integration projects.

Matt Snyder, CMO

Matt joined OmniMesh in 2016, building on his successful career in public relations and marketing. He develops OmniMesh’s marketing and brand strategy. Matt’s areas of expertise in media relations, mass communication, and public/private partnerships have been honed over a 20-year career spanning from Washington to Syracuse, for organizations as diverse in their aims as Phillip Morris and Syracuse University. He has worked in media, NGOs, and higher education, managing marketing teams and budgets of all sizes.

Joe McCoy, CTO

Joe brings extensive experience in Telcom Optical and wireless transport layer research relating to attacks and novel control. Resultant products include mesh networking, 20Gbps data capture, software based unified network gateway platform, advanced high-speed network probes and bit stream interactive intelligent agents. McCoy’s innovative solutions have fueled the rise of WISP, first responder networks, and software defined networking.

David Montanaro, Strategic Advisor

David is an entrepreneurial CEO and angel investor with extensive board director experience. He is recognized as a leading expert in the telecommunications and data networking industries with extensive knowledge in the convergence of voice, data, video and wireless solutions in managed, hosted and cloud computing. David built a career in developing, restructuring and turning around high-growth technology businesses. He was a founding investor and board member and led USA Datanet Corporation as Chairman, President and CEO. Prior to USA Datanet, he was an executive for NEC Corporation in numerous CEO roles span­ning six different business entities over 15 years. Prior to NEC, David was a leader in his industry, forging new multi-million dollar telecommunications organizations through innovation, entrepreneurship and leveraging of strategic partnerships and mergers and acquisitions. David’s business expertise spans opera­tions, finance and strategy in defense, air traffic control and security systems. His in-depth knowledge of financial, legal, regulatory compliance and governance requirements in his industry comple­ments his intellectual property and patent experience.

Marc Viggiano, Strategic Advisor

Marc is a noted leader in infrastructure deployment and the engineering of advanced sensor and communication systems. He advises OmniMesh in systems engineering and strategic planning, with an emphasis on RF technology strategy. Marc was previously CEO of Saab Sensis and is currently the founder/CEO of Niteopark LLC, an engineering and business development consulting firm. Marc has more than three decades of ex­perience in the design and development of advanced sensor and communication systems including ground, air and space based radar, air traffic control equipment, automatic ID equipment and communi­cation based train control systems. He holds multiple patents in these areas. For 25 years in a variety of managerial and technical positions, Marc helped guide Sensis from a seven person startup to a 700 employee company. He launched the Air Traffic Systems business and served as President for 10 years as it grew to a $100M division focused on improving the safety, capacity and effi­ciency of civil aviation. In 2011, Viggiano led the effort to sell Sensis to Saab which resulted in a 40X exit for initial Sensis investors.

Bill Marks Sr. is co-founder and director emeritus of MTN Satellite Communications and is one of the pioneers of the cable industry, in which he has been a leader for more than 50 years. Marks’ illustrious career has included co-founding SeaMobile, Inc., serving as president and CEO of American Video Corporation (later American CableSystems, Inc.), and becoming the youngest cable TV owner to be elected to the Cable Pioneer’s Club. He remains active as an advisor to communications and networking companies.

Charles Green, Strategic Advisor

Charles Green is President and CEO of Assured Information Security, a successful, fast-growing upstate New York small business that focuses on computer and network security R&D. Under Charles’ leadership the company has grown to more than $150MM and nearly 200 employees in 10 locations, and Green has been recognized as an economic champion for his work with AIS and as an advisor to several other groundbreaking technology companies.

Francis McInerney, Business Management Advisor


Francis McInerney is the Managing Director of North River Ventures LLC. NRV’s web-based video program, called FutureCreators, is the largest and most comprehensive business management system ever created. McInerny is a thought leader in information technology markets with more than 40 years’ experience; author of six books; and investor in several information industry-focused funds.

LaMar Hill

LaMar Hill is globally recognized as a provider of strategic business development for high growth companies, and a relentless advocate for the transformation of the upstate New York economy through the emergence of high value-added technology industries. He is chief technology officer for the initiative to bring a $12B+ manufacturing campus to the region, and he has been a prime mover for accelerating technology commercialization through such activities as joint development agreements, technology transfer, and R&D fundraising and financing.

Technical Team

Ashwin Amanna, Ph.D.

Ashwin is a senior research scientist whose expertise includes advanced waveforms and frequency hopping. He is senior research scientist at ANDRO Computational Systems and previously directed engineering efforts for a venture-backed startup developing spectrum sharing technologies.

Stuart W. Card, Ph.D.

Stu is an electrical engineer with leading expertise in secure, reliable, wireless mobile access to cloud computing; blockchain-enabled secure payment systems; and sensor/control networking. He holds patents for detection of cellular signals and data loss prevention.

Dan Churchill, Infrastructure Lead

Expert in wifi mesh infrastructure deployment and market development for affordable wireless broadband. Owner of Ridgeview Communications serving thousands of households with mesh technology.

Andrew Drozd

Andrew is president and founder of ANDRO Computational Solutions and an expert in emerging spectrum technologies. His software and hardware have achieved substantial performance improvements in spectrum sensing and signal classification, including the elimination of distortion and the introduction of data fusion to networked radios.

Mark Eischen, Creative Director

Expert in understanding and shaping public opinion. Successful track record in the communications and entertainment industries with experiences as diverse as sales, marketing, and on-the-air commentary.

James Scherzi, Software Lead

Expert in software development, wifi routing protocols, and cryptocurrency contract enforcement. Co-founder and president of a software/IT firm that services both the public and private sectors.

Timothy Woods

Woods’ primary area of expertise is developing and implementing CR technologies, with a focus on technology transition and transfer. Mr. Woods conceived the Air Force Research Lab’s in-house technology Flexible Radio Environment for Development, and has significant relevant experience in software defined radios and cognitive radio communication technologies.

Strategic Partners

ANDRO Computational Solutions, a leader in electromagnetic environmental effects, spectrum management, and data fusion.

AIS, a national leader in cyber technology research with emphasis on information operations, signals intelligence, and all phases of computer network operations.

Continuum, a cable company deploying test technology to households in North Carolina.

Critical Technologies, Inc.  creates solutions in wireless, storage, and sensornetworking for US military application and commercial product development.

Imcon International, Inc., is an immediate connectivity solutions provider, which builds mobile platforms that connect to a broad range of current and next generation networks in stressed environments or remote locations. Imcon also integrates a wide range of Internet of Things devices

Northland Communications, the leading telecommunications solution provider in its region, a forward-thinking developer of the interface between fiber and last-mile technologies.

Ridgeview Communications, a wireless ISP using OmniMesh technology to serve thousands of households.

Scherzi Systems, a progressive developer of custom software, mobile applications, and wi-fi routing protocols.

Skale10, a media and entertainment company that is mastering last-mile content delivery by pushing content to the edge.

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