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Today, smart capital values efficiency and upside potential. What if I told you that OmniMesh is entering a market for bandwidth and content, with more than $2.5 trillion in potential? Or if we could go to market with unprecedented capital efficiency, that centralized providers have never come close to achieving?

That’s what OmniMesh is doing. We combine blockchain ledgers with distributed file sharing and consumer owned network nodes, replacing the centralized last mile. Today, the providers’ idea of the last mile is terribly inefficient, and is stopping entrepreneurs and content creators from deriving value from the $2.5 trillion opportunity of last-mile content and bandwidth delivery. Tomorrow, OmniMesh’s technology will disrupt the incumbents and will unleash all kinds of new services—bandwidth and content to start with, then IoT, drones, connected vehicles, and every other kind of use case that demands high quality, secure connectivity.

OmniMesh is a platform play—the platform of platforms, so to speak. Any kind of business or technology platform company that needs robust connectivity to run on, will be made radically more efficient and profitable by our technology. Our edge network is inherently scalable, because it is decentralized, distributed, and shared. As it grows, it provides unlimited computing power and throughput, at low marginal costs. Ours is the perfect network to connect users with platforms: capital efficient, fast growing, and highly profitable.

We are moving fast to go to market. Since the company’s founding in 2016, we have:

  • 2017: Won pre-seed funding ($400K) in New York State’s $3MM GeniusNY competition
  • 2017: Attracted technology partners with more than $20MM in military-grade technology
  • 2018: Attracted strategic partners in the content and connectivity verticals
  • 2018: Prototyped and demonstrated our file sharing routing technology and user interface
  • 2018: Secured intellectual property

OmniMesh currently seeks seed round funding to perfect our prototype edge network node, and bring it rapidly to market. Our goal is to achieve widespread uptake before 5G begins large scale rollout in 2020. And we are well on our way, having negotiated agreements on favorable terms with partners in the RF, telecom, and entertainment spaces.

As founders, our long held belief is that as good as we are on our own, we are even better when working as part of a team. And we are interested in teaming with investors who share our lateral thinking about the telecommunications market. Do you want to get involved? If so, please contact me today.

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