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Solve problems, make money

The centralization of network technology has been the foundation of communications and connectivity since the invention of the telephone. Endpoints are interconnected through large established nodes which hold the intelligence needed for interconnection and routing....

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So, What’s in a Name? Inevitability.

“The Internet is like God. But without the flowing robes and giant beard.” “Halt and Catch Fire,” season 3, episode 10. ©2017, AMC In 2016, a small band of visionaries were challenged by a mentor to turn their successful small business into a global movement. Business...

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Debunking Myths about Mesh

Wireless is growing by leaps and bounds, and is a natural medium for mesh connectivity. It frees providers from the limitations of fiber and cable in spanning the last mile, and also enables market-demanded scalability. As wireless access pricing becomes commoditized,...

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