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OmniMesh Technologies’ Drone Roots

The precursor company to OmniMesh Technologies Inc. was originally formed in Syracuse, N.Y. in 2016 to address the challenges of command and control (C2) for unmanned aerial systems (UAS); i.e. drones.  OmniMesh entered a business incubator called Genius NY, funded by...

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The Market Demands Smart Home Gateways

For more than a century, the evolutions of wireless communications and computing have driven enormous profit opportunities and societal gains. Even in a time of global health and economic crises, there has never been a better time to be a connected human being, or to...

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OmniMesh Patent News Flash

I write to share good news on OmniMesh’s patent strategy: We have received the green light to go global with the patent for our mutual distributed ledger (MDL) technology, which covers all wireless, distributed exchanges of money for services. In Fall 2019, our U.S....

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Solve problems, make money

The centralization of network technology has been the foundation of communications and connectivity since the invention of the telephone. Endpoints are interconnected through large established nodes which hold the intelligence needed for interconnection and routing....

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