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One industry barrier after another has fallen to the unstoppable force of the sharing economy. The last mile of the internet is next, and OmniMesh is the company that will drive ownership of the internet into the hands of consumers.

We are building a world where transactions—all kinds of transactions—happen at the edge. OmniMesh’s decentralized, consumer owned network defies the high-cost model of the presumptive 5G leaders, and creates a multi-trillion dollar blockchain marketplace for every kind of connected use case.

OmniMesh integrates military-grade technologies into a wireless last-mile marketplace. For content companies, OmniMesh means direct delivery to consumers, without intermediaries or data centers. For consumers, OmniMesh means that all connectivity and services become a la carte and on demand. For forward-thinking internet providers and spectrum owners, OmniMesh means new profit opportunities without hugely expensive infrastructure.

The market for content and bandwidth in the U.S. is 2.5 trillion. When we consider shifting other use cases to the edge, like connected vehicles and IOT, it becomes clear that this market potential can’t be overstated.

OmniMesh’s last mile marketplace is a radical way to shift costs and gain market share quickly. It’s affordable, scalable, and future-proof profitable.

  • We apply Sharing Economy Principles to solve the problems of last mile internet
  • The network of the future will be a consumer owned wireless network of access points with local storage and processing power
  • We add military network routing technology to provide 5G speed with high reliability at a fraction of the cost of 5G
  • This enables us to deliver network services directly from Edge nodes much faster and more economically than can be done by centralized networks
  • Video content will be streamed from nearby devices with local storage instead of from remote data centers
  • This also creates a market for the monetization of licensed spectrum at the edge (90% of licensed spectrum is not used)
  • Consumers will receive micro-payments for services provided from their network access point
  • We will continue to add services over time (IoT device services, drone flight control, connected cars)
  • OmniMesh provides the online marketplace for services and makes money via transaction fees
  • This new market will expand rapidly and will create opportunities that we can only begin to imagine.



OmniMesh’s founding team have a vision for the future of networks.
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Mesh everywhere, that can do everything, is what we do. It’s inevitable, and OmniMesh is making it happen now.


This new model disrupts the subscription model and connects consumers directly with content.


The bandwidth and content market is $2.5 trillion and growing with IoT and other devices.


BitTorrent and blockchain give consumers data security and confidence in their privacy.


Data is stored and served at the edge, for advantages in speed and bandwidth.


Instead of expensive infrastructure, OmniMesh’s marketplace pays direct and radically reduces costs.

scalable and flexible

The edge services network is affordable to scale and adaptable to any use case.

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