While entire industries are being reshaped by the sharing economy, one company is applying these principles to the telecom industry. We reduce the cost of last mile service delivery, and create a way to monetize consumer owned resources through an online marketplace.

OmniMesh’s patented technology augments home routers with local storage, processing power, and advanced spectrum management. OmniMesh devices simultaneously transfer data on multiple frequencies, transforming them into powerful servers that revolutionize network service delivery.

OmniMesh devices mesh together into a consumer owned network. To join, a consumer need only power on the device, and begin purchasing and sharing video, data, or any other edge service on demand. Connectivity is metered, and there’s always enough speed and bandwidth to stream any kind of data or service at the edge.

Consumers pay for only what they actually use, and OmniMesh collects a small transaction fee. The network facilitates direct payment, without a middleman.


This new model disrupts the subscription model and connects consumers directly with content.


The bandwidth and content market is $2.5 trillion and growing with IoT and other devices.


BitTorrent and blockchain give consumers data security and confidence in their privacy.


Data is stored and served at the edge, for advantages in speed and bandwidth.


Instead of expensive infrastructure, OmniMesh’s marketplace pays direct and radically reduces costs.

scalable and flexible

The edge services network is affordable to scale and adaptable to any use case.    

Our Offerings

OmniMesh combines blockchain, bittorrent, and secure wireless mesh networking in a single consumer appliance.
Consumers own the appliance, and monetize it as they see fit.

Mesh everywhere, that can do everything, is what we do. It’s inevitable, and OmniMesh is making it happen now.

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OmniMesh’s founding team have a vision for the future of networks.
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Our Team and Core Values

We built a core team of experts in software development, IT strategy, telecommunications,
and public relations, united by our ideological commitment to freedom, privacy and decentralization.

John Doe

John Doe


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Fredrik Doe

Fredrik Doe

Software Developer

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Sara Doe

Sara Doe

IT strategy

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Jaclina Doe

Jaclina Doe

Telecom Expert

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